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SearX || Dark Web Search Engines Part-05

Looking for a dark web search engine? SearX is a great option that respects your privacy and provides unbiased results.


Looking for a search engine that doesn’t track you? This search engine is a metasearch engine that combines results from over 70 different search engines while protecting your privacy.

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SearX – Dark Web Search Engines

This search engine is a dark web search engine. You can use it on both clarinet web and dark web. The benefit of This search engine is that you can make your search queries incredibly detailed. Here you can look for files, images, maps, music, news, science, social media posts, videos, and more thing. That is why This search engine is the search engine to use if you are looking for something incredibly detailed.


The URL of  SearX is or Copy and paste this URL into your regular browser or Tor browser. I recommend using the Tor browser for your safety. And for only the tor browser, the link is http://nxhhwbbxc4khvvlw.onion. Please use a VPN for your safety.

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