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Dark Web Search Engines Part-11: ParaZite


Dark Web Search Engines Part-11: ParaZite — TiydoSoft

ParaZite is like the earliest incarnation of Yahoo!, back when ParaZite was more of a repository of links than an actual search engine. If you’re only searching because you’re browsing around, this is the search engine for you. You can also use it to load up a random page from the dark web, which is a great way to discover different sites without actively searching them out and looking for them.

Parazite is one of the hidden search engines I visit when I’m feeling bored. Yeah, it can turn your mood around with its “I’m feeling lucky” kind of feature.

Expecting, Parazite can be used to land on random, unknown websites on the Darkweb, which quite often turn out to be “not legal.” Also, such as a Bitcoin money launderer maybe, or a dangerous website.

Whatever, it has that feeling you get when opening a door and not knowing what lies on the other website.

Search Engine brings “links” to you and a collection of hidden files and data caches, including some of the weirdest things, such as real-life cannibalism documentaries or shocking photos/theories, etc.

You feel free to use Parazite as it isn’t illegal, or neither is landing on almost any page on the Deepweb as long as you don’t “use” the page for your own gains.

The URL of ParaZite is or Copy and paste this URL in your regular browser or Tor browser. I recommend using the Tor browser for your safety. And for only tor browser, the link is http://kpynyvym6xqi7wz2.onion. Please use a VPN for your safety.


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